Nov 262010
Green sapphire crown and a synthetic ruby pavilion

Figure 1

Admin: Alan Hodgkinson is a Special Guest Author for the AIJV. Here is an excerpt from his soon to be released book ‘Gem Testing Techniques’

Nothing could be easier than to identify a gemstone as a composite (doublet or triplet) when confronted by a loose gemstone.  A view of the junction plane will normally reveal the dual component quite easily, regardless of the skill of the maker of such counterfeit gemstones. Continue reading »

Nov 232010

If you do what I do for a living (that’s value jewellery, NOT write blogs) you’re loathe to tell this to people in social situations. I normally say “I’m in the jewellery trade” and hope they don’t press me. If I say that I value jewellery you normally see the eyes light up and then something shiny is dangled before me with the inevitable question “how much is this worth”. The thing is, I could give you four or five different answers, all being correct, depending on the context.

By the way I’m only joking. I tell people all the time what I do. How would you expect me to get any work otherwise! Continue reading »

Nov 202010

It is with great pride and excitement that I announce the creation of a new trade association for jewellery valuers or, if you are on the other side of the pond, jewelry appraisers.

The Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers.

A worldwide association dedicated exclusively to a very rare professional indeed – the truly independent jewellery valuer.
Whilst the need for such an association has been present for decades the decision to form such an organisation was taken within 2 minutes! Let me explain how this momentous decision came to be ……..
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