Jan 312011

Admin: Dr. Jack Ogden is a Guest Author for the AIJV.
Here, Jack identifies the need to consider design and craftsmanship as value attributes.

The woman fixed me with an icy stare. The problem was a valuation – isn’t it always?   She was querying a valuation that she’d had for a ring, and I was trying to explain that there were almost as many different types of valuation as there are types of cheeses.  Was it a valuation for insurance, for sale, for probate…?  “For goodness sake” she glowered, “I just want to know its intrinsic value.”   Continue reading »

Jan 192011

This study was developed to enhance the understanding of the various levels of the retail market.

  • There are many markets available to the consumer for purchasing jewelry and gemstones at retail.
  • There are specific and stratified retail markets available to gemologists and appraisers.
  • This article covers High-End Guild stores, Kiosk jewellery sellers and everything in between. Continue reading »
Jan 182011

Every now and then one comes across a quote by someone that continues to ring in one’s head long after hearing it.

Here is a lovely quote that we came across the other day from Paul Nilsson of Gemlab in New Zealand.

“As I see it, jewellery valuation documents are a window through which Insurance Companies, Lawyers, Jewellery Owners and others outside the Jewellery Trade look in, and as such it is crucial for the good of the trade and the standing of Valuers, that the window has a sound frame and clear transparent glass. The AIJV is set on getting the repair tools and the squeegees out.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves Paul, Thank you.

Jan 162011

Admin: Renee Newman is a Guest Author for the AIJV.
Here, Renee comments on the need to consider transparency before making ill-informed quotes on value.

On January 11th, National Jeweler, posted a story entitled “Precious gems found in Detroit fish tank.”

An old fish tank there was found to be full of faceted and unfaceted gems. A gemologist told police that three of the stones alone could be worth more than $100,000. Continue reading »