Mar 252011

One of the most dreaded phrases ever heard in my office goes something like “I want you to have a look at this ring, my husband just paid a lot of money for it on eBay”
I always have an unpleasant feeling that the interview is going to go badly and there may be tears.
How refreshing then when today I was able to give a client some very good news indeed. The client produced a ring which looked as though it had been made from salvaged bits of pre-existing jewellery.  A rather high (for UK taste) wire claw setting with baguette shoulders on a split shank.  It did the job but without much in the way of style. However, it was what was in the central collet which made the customer’s trip worthwhile. Continue reading »

Mar 072011

David Callaghan receiving the "David Wilkins Award" from the Institute of Registered Valuers

Always on the look out for interesting talks, seminars and workshops to attend, I thumb through the trade magazines and have a phrases programmed into Google in case anything is listed on the internet.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, an email arrived in my inbox with details of a talk to be held by David Callaghan in Thatcham, Berkshire.  Now any talk by David is bound to be of interest to me and his talks are guaranteed to be good! My next thought …. ‘What was he talking about?’ ahhh …. René Lalique.  The chance to hear the great man talk about the legendary René Lalique was not to be missed! Continue reading »

Mar 012011

We have all seen the destruction that has occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand at the hands of a devastating earthquake and AIJV is relieved to learn that our Kiwi members were not caught up in this disaster.

However, one of our UK members has family in Christchurch and whilst they are alive, they are in a bad way – no water, no working sewer and four children to look out for. But even they are lucky compared to some who have lost everything, in some cases, even losing their loved ones … forever. Continue reading »