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We have all seen the destruction that has occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand at the hands of a devastating earthquake and AIJV is relieved to learn that our Kiwi members were not caught up in this disaster.

However, one of our UK members has family in Christchurch and whilst they are alive, they are in a bad way – no water, no working sewer and four children to look out for. But even they are lucky compared to some who have lost everything, in some cases, even losing their loved ones … forever.

In an attempt to assist victims, AIJV members have volunteered to donate their valuation fees taken on the 22nd February (the day the quake struck) to the NZ Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.  In some cases members are holding a special event where all the valuation fees are donated, like Paul Nilsson of Gemlab in Auckland.  The money will be donated online and will go straight to where it is needed the most.

We invite all Jewellery Valuers / Jewelry Appraisers worldwide to join us in trying to lessen the misery that the good folk of Christchurch must be going through.  In most cases this is an event that has occurred on the other side of the planet but as we in AIJV have seen, sometimes emotionally, it comes very close to home.

You can give here or via the UK Red Cross

Please do let us know what activities you are involved in to help by commenting below. Thank you in advance of your support.

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  12 Responses to “Jewellery Valuers respond to Christchurch earthquake disaster”

  1. Well, I have made my pledge, as other more discrete members have already done. No invoices raised on the 22nd, so went with the 21st. Lets hope this makes a real difference.
    To think I was incensed a little while ago when I found a dripping leak under my kitchen sink! This sort of event puts life in perspective.

    • Hi Adrain

      Thanks for the tag to the NZ Earthquake fund, and donation duly gone off. Had watched the
      tiny white coffin of the youngest victim Baxtor Gowland being carried out of the funeral service
      on U tube and heard how no-one was spared in this….. Kiwis, Japanese & Chinese language
      students et al and it does make you realise how lucky we are not to be in this sort of quake Zone.

  2. Hi Adrian

    Shirley and her family are very caring people I am not surprised they would put others first

    You can donate directly on line to via the British Red Cross the link is

    I have just as Karen suggested donated my takings from 22nd Feb

    Warm Regards to you all

    Sue 

  3. I am so pleased that we can do something to help, my relatives are fine, cramped in with lots of extra house guests, but many are not fine – many people have ‘liquid houses’ i.e. their homes are full of raw sewage and they have no water or power. Pam was in a different shopping centre when the quake hit, this centre did not collapse and once she saw the devastation she knew she was extremely lucky to be alive.

    Such is their strength of character, many of the people that were not so badly affected including Pam and her family (and house guests), that they are delivering food parcels to Methuen and other make-shift centres and to the many camp-sites that have become temporary ‘homes’ for the victims. Luckily it is their summer so camping is not all bad but it won’t be summer forever – they do need as much help as we are able to give – so thank you everyone for giving what you can no matter how much 🙂


  4. Like you, Adrian, I happened to be doing other work on 22/2 with no appraisal income so donated based on another ‘substitute’ day. Thanks for organizing this.

    • You are very generous Thom, both with your cash and your praise.
      Sadly, the latter is misplaced. This was Paul Nilsson’s idea with a bit of magic input from Karen Jensen. 😉

      • Au contraire mon ami, you, Adrian are the one who pulled this international effort together and I want you to know how much we appreciate it. And thanks to the AIJV members who have already made donations to the relief effort down in Christchurch. I will let you know how the first Saturday Valuation Day goes.

  5. Hello to all,
    As a New Zealander, I feel so humbled by everyone’s generousity. Thanks goes to Paul for his initial thoughts on the matter. I have two sons in the South Island; one was in Nelson (top part) who felt nothing and the other son in Dunedin (who was up staying with us in the North Island). When disasters like this happen, one wants to gather the children up but of course it is not possible. Unfortunately, for a lot of families, their loved ones have not been recovered yet and the grim reality is that they may never be recovered so there will never be closure.
    I am absolutel amazed at the countries that have come to our aid sending teams qualified in rescue – and to have come so quickly. In times of need it is heartening to know that the rest of the world really does take notice and care. So to all of you out there, thank you. Thank you for those kind words and donations and support.
    Kia ora koe mo to takoha.

  6. Hello Adrian,
    The Maori translation is:
    Thank you for your kind donation.

  7. Well, yesterday we completed the first of our two Saturday Valuation Fundraisers for the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. We had advertised it on the radio during the week and by Friday we were completely booked out. We had four staff on, all wearing the Canterbury colours of red and black, and all working without pay for the cause. The atmosphere was great with the customers highly appreciative of the opportunity to get their jewellery valued while they waited and knowing where their fee payment was going. In the end we had raised $2500 for the Appeal fund in 6 hours. Thanks go to staff members Janelle, Lara, and Lucy. Now we have a target for the rest of the staff to beat next Saturday!

  8. Thank you everyone from the heart of the Christchurch Earthquake Affected Jewellery Family for this blog post and fundraising efforts (and by Family, I include my community of all other independent retailers, wholesalers and valuers in Christchurch who have been severely impacted by the earthquakes)!

    Our business is in the Central Business Zone which has been locked down since February 22nd. We have been put in limbo due to insurance issues (we are still awaiting business interruption payments and we are not the only ones), our homes are badly damaged or will require total rebuilds. We are waiting confirmation that our retail premises are going to be demolished, and many of the jewellery industry members have already had this happen.

    With my parents close to retirement, it is unlikely we will restart again as a retail store; the question is “What do we do with all our recovered stock”. We are not the only independent retail store with this question on our mind, we have become a very close knit community – “competition” is no longer a word we use, we are now looking at ways we can help each other get back on our feet.

    I am in the process of writing an article for the jewellery trade magazine in New Zealand to offer advice on how other businesses around the world can learn from our devastating experiences.

    I stumbled on your blog because I am also trying to decide what the future will hold for me within the Jewellery Industry. I see that the last comment here was March – sadly, the situation has not improved at all for us in our city, and in fact it gets worse with every passing day because so many of us are trapped in limbo, unable to make decisions about our future because they hinge on decisions made by the insurance companies and the government. And still we count ourselves “lucky” that we are alive, or that we do not live somewhere like Haiti.

    If you would like a more detailed update about the situation from Christchurch, please visit my blog Canterbury Quake Cafe Reflections.

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