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We at the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers pride ourself on our non-insular approach to the way we do things. Yes, we support our members to the hilt but we also support the concept of “independence” in general with regard to jewellery appraisal.

The AIJV is delighted, for the second year, to throw open this award to ALL independent jewellery appraisers worldwide, whether they are AIJV members or not.

Below is an outline of the Award, how to nominate and the timeline of events.

The hunt is on to find the best website owned by an Independent Jewellery Valuer / Appraiser, anywhere in the world, in any language, irrespective of what memberships the owner holds…. and you can help us find it.

The AIJV seeks to promote a professional and ethical view of the jewellery appraisal trade and wishes to reward those that present the profession in a positive way on the Internet. Nominations for the award are invited from the website’s owner, other trade professionals and members of the public.

The winning website will enjoy a period of international publicity via a mix of media, focused on the owner’s home country. They will have their business profiled on the dedicated website for the AIJV Awards brand, www.AIJVawards.org and of course, a special graphic seal will be produced for the winner to proudly display their success on their website.

One of the many international magazines that covered Symmetry's success in 2011

So what constitutes a winning website?

In essence, we are looking for a website that projects an extremely professional view of the trade, written in an ethical and transparent manner and presented in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Other factors will also be taken into account, for instance – imaginative use of elements, ease of navigation, usefulness of the information provided, quality of the images, creative use of colour, etc etc.


How to nominate a website:

We have made nominating a website really easy. You may wish to visit the 2012 Nominate a Website page for an idea of some of the requirements (no, the website you nominate does NOT have to be an AIJV member).

Or you can go directly to the on-line Nomination Form. Just click your preferred language below:


You can nominate your own website or someone else’s and you can nominate more than one website.  For your interest, a list of the websites that have so far been nominated for this year, can be found on this page.



6th July 2011: Closing date for nominations. <Completed>

16th July: End of judging the entries by the AIJV management and an unconnected judge. Entries reduced to four confirmed Nominations. <Completed>

17th July: The four nominations are then the subject of an on-line poll on AIJV’s Facebook and Twitter profiles to decide the top three nominations.  Visit https://www.facebook.com/JewelleryValuers to vote for your choice. <Completed>

27th July: The remaining three nominations are put to the vote by the AIJV membership. <Completed>

30th July: Announcement of the winner. < San Diego Gem Lab is the winner of this year’s award >

Ongoing: Publicity activities centred on the winner, via social media, trade press, blogs and the AIJV Awards website.

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Administrator for the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers. A UK-based non-profit international association dedicated to professional Jewellery Valuers / Appraisers who are totally independent according to the AIJV's strict criteria.

  5 Responses to “AIJV 2012 Website of the Year Award”

  1. There are some great entries this year. The overall standard has increased dramatically over the last 12 months. May the best man/woman win! Good luck everyone.

  2. Yes I agree the entries are of a very high standard a I wish them all good luck!!!!

  3. UPDATE: The four semi-finalists have now been chosen. Now we want YOUR opinion as to which is the best of the four. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/JewelleryValuers to vote.

  4. We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Website of the Year Award 2012 is:

    Thom Underwood’s San Diego Gem Lab. http://sandiegogemlab.com

    Congratulations Thom!

  5. A profile of Thom, his business and his website can be seen here: http://www.aijvawards.org/san_diego_gem_lab.html

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