The AIJV is the only Association in the world dedicated exclusively to the truly independent jewellery valuer/jewelry appraiser.

Whilst valuers that do not buy, sell or broker jewellery and do not charge their fees based on the value of the items being valued are small in number, we do have members all over the world.

All of our members are registered as Authors on this blog, and as a result, it is hoped that our blog will bring many different perspectives on the subject of jewellery appraisal and the life of a jewellery valuer to our readers.

The subjects are wide and varied – Consumer Advice,  stories,  insights into the daily life of a gemmologist and jewellery appraiser or interesting items that have been examined.

We thank you for visiting us and hope that whether you are a consumer or fellow trade professional you will find the contents interesting, educational or just plain humorous.

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