Renee Newman

Renee Newman is a professional author of gem and jewelry related publications aimed at anyone who buys gemstones or jewelry, be they a consumer or trade professional. Renee's series of books are well known for being well researched, informative and colorful. She is also a great supporter of the Independent Jewelry Appraiser and we are delighted that Renee is on our Guest Author team.

Jan 162011

Admin: Renee Newman is a Guest Author for the AIJV.
Here, Renee comments on the need to consider transparency before making ill-informed quotes on value.

On January 11th, National Jeweler, posted a story entitled “Precious gems found in Detroit fish tank.”

An old fish tank there was found to be full of faceted and unfaceted gems. A gemologist told police that three of the stones alone could be worth more than $100,000. Continue reading »

Dec 122010

Dyed Chinese freshwater pearls sold as Tahitian pearls on eBay

Admin: Renee Newman is a Guest Author for the AIJV.
Here, Renee warns of the perils of following through with a deal that looks too good to be true.

Last January, a jewelry designer sent me an e-mail asking if the pearl market had crashed. She said she was searching on eBay for “black pearl” and the auctions came up with black pearls at ridiculous prices; costume jewelry cost more than the winning bids on these supposedly “Tahitian” pearls being sold out of China.  On pure impulse, she bought a “genuine Tahitian” black pearl necklace (see photo) when there was one minute left, and got it for $24.99, including priority shipping from Shanghai. Continue reading »