Jan 212012

Gemworld InternationalAIJV members, Gemworld International are laying on three important corundum classes in the UK in May 2012.

The pricing of ruby and sapphire, their  treatments and importantly, the assessment of these factors, are crucial knowledge for the Professional Jewellery Valuer and Gemmologist.

Below is an outline of the course, the venues (Perth, Birmingham and London), the instructors and the costings.

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Dec 222010

Admin: Antoinette Matlins is a Guest Author for the AIJV.
Here, Antoinette warns of the dangers surrounding the new “composite ruby” and reflects on the trade’s responsibilities to educate.

Rubies remain one of the most popular of all the precious gems, and following the recent publicity surrounding Jessica Simpson’s ruby and diamond engagement ring, are likely to become even more so.

A few years ago this would have been good news to the jewelry trade, but today it may spell disaster for many retailers, designers, buyers and sellers of estate jewelry, and bench jewelers when serious and irreparable damage occurs to a “ruby” in the course of normal wear or, worse yet, when being mounted, re-mounted, re-sized, and so on. Shock sets in when a ruby becomes a molten glob on the workbench, or when its appearance is horribly marred by acid etching from top to bottom, around the entire stone. And some appraisers are making matters worse. Continue reading »