Welcome, thank you for taking an interest in the AIJV.


The AIJV is a very young unincorporated association formed mid October 2010 but already there is an air of excitement about what we are doing.

The title “Independent Jewellery Valuer” has been greatly abused over the years, often utilised by businesses that are far from independent in the generally accepted sense of the word.

Increasingly, individuals, businesses and agencies are seeking the services of a business that is visibly independent, transparent and never in a situation of a conflict of interest. It is part of the AIJV’s aim to reclaim this title for it’s rightful owners - The truly independent Valuer.


It is difficult to support one sector of our profession without appearing to be condemning another so let me state from the outset that we accept there are good and bad in both the independent and non-independent sectors. It is the intention of the AIJV to highlight the services of good independent valuers for those who would prefer, for whatever reason, to use an independent.


Whilst the Association is UK based, it is an international organisation and encourages membership from all countries as there are benefits to be gained from shared experiences and skills from different cultures.


It is my hope that if you are a truly independent professional that you will join us. I very much look forward to working with you to promote your business, the Association and this niche profession in general.

Kind regards

Adrian Smith FGA, MIRV

October 2010


Aims and Objectives





Membership Requirements


Business Type

Membership is held by the business not by the individual. To be eligible to join the AIJV your business type will need to match the criteria below:


The principal and all unsupervised Valuers within the business will:


Finally, you will be asked to provide a sponsor who can vouch for your integrity, either:

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Code of Ethics

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Member Benefits

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The AIJV do not charge members a subscription. Membership and application is free

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