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Data Disc
A data disc has been provided at the front of this report for your interest and convenience.
The software runs from the disc, nothing is installed on your computer.
Instructions for use
Insert the disc into the CD Drive on your computer and wait a few seconds for the Menu Options to open
The disc contains the following features (some features may have been disabled, depending on the type of valuation you have
requested): -
Your Report
. A digital copy of your report, in PDF format
Jewellery Photographs
. A copy of all the photographs that were taken of your jewellery (this may include some
images that are not present in your report)
. Scans of any additional documentation that was supplied by you
. Adobe PDF Reader for you to install if you do not already have one
Audio Report
. An audio version of your report for clients with sight difficulties
Additional Information.
This may include additional information relating your items and more generalised
information and advice.
We recommend, that if this data is to be stored on your computer, it should be saved in a password-protected folder, WinZip is
one of the most common applications that has this facility.