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The entries in this glossary specifically relate to the items in this report
1) (noun) the act or process of estimating, reviewing, or analysing, the material merit and provenance of an article;
Commonly, but incorrectly deemed as an estimate of value. 2) (adjective) Of or pertaining to appraising and related
functions, e.g. appraisal practice, appraisal services.
1.) The facets around the sides of a gem. 2.) A type of gemstone setting where the metal encircles and is burnished over
the edge of the gem. 3.) On a watch, the rim that covers the edge of the dial and holds the crystal (glass) in place.
Brilliant cut:
A type of cutting, especially of diamonds, with 32 facets plus a table placed above the girdle and 24 facets, plus
the culet if present, placed below the girdle, in a “starburst” pattern. Typically round in shape, but
variations of this cut are used in other shaped stones.
A term used to describe the unpolished surface of the girdle on a cut Diamond. Frosted in appearance as a result of
being shaped on a lathe (Bruting).
In gemstones, the incidence of inclusions and surface blemishes. One of the “four C’s” in Diamond grading. There are
several clarity grading scales throughout the world. The clarity grading scale used in this report is that of the G.I.A. Some of
the grades are split (e.g. VVS1 and VVS2). Size, position and number of inclusions determine the distinction between the split
grades. The descriptions below assume an expert eye using a 10X loupe corrected for spherical aberration. The following
diagram is not literal and is for illustration purposes only.
Totally free of any internal or external blemishes.
Free of any internal blemishes.
Extremely small internal blemishes that are
difficult to find
extremely hard to find
Very small internal blemishes that range from
not too difficult
to detect to
easy to detect
Small internal inclusions which are
very easy
to find.
Internal characteristics that are visible to the trained, but unaided eye. May diminish the brilliance.
Large and/or numerous internal blemishes that are easily visible to the naked eye. Brilliance is diminished.
Colour grade:
1.)The classification of body colour in coloured gemstones expressed in terms of hue, tone and saturation.
2.)The classification of body colour of cut diamonds. One of the “four C’s” in diamond grading. There are several colour
grading scales used throughout the world, the scale used in this report is that of the GIA. The range is from colourless (“D”)
to yellow, brown or grey (“Z”), beyond is termed Fancy. The following diagram is not literal and is for illustration purposes