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Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon
T: 087 2393198
P a d r a i c L a v i n FGA
Gemmo l o g i s t & I n de pen d en t Va l ue r
w w w . j e w e l l e r y v a l u a t i o n s i r e l a n d . i e
Member of the Gemmological Association &
Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
Member of the Retail Jewellers
of Ireland
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08 December 2011
Mr. John O'Connor
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Dear Mr. O'Connor
In accordance with your instructions, we take pleasure in submitting herewith the Valuation Schedule for the Purpose of
Insurance Replacement, reference 081211:15367
The approximate spot metal price at the date of this valuation has been set at, gold €1,286.85 / platinum €1,126.12. Exchange
rate; €1.00 / $1.33.
The values applied are based upon the most appropriate markets relative to the individual items. These markets will vary
according to the age, style, nature and construction of each piece. The noted value is based on market conditions prevailing in
The values represent the appraisers opinion of the approximate replacement value within these stated markets. The intended
use of this appraisal valuation is for insurance replacement only.
The notes to the schedule are an explanation of the procedures employed in preparing your appraisal, its limitations and the
abbreviations used.
It is important that these notes are read in conjunction with the main valuation text so that the appraisal terminology is clearly
understood. You are guided to specific information in the notes by the grey superscripts used in the item’s description.
It is not necessary to send this report to your Insurance Company, the Insurers Summary Schedule contains all the details that
they will require to prepare a policy for you. You may be asked to produce the report in the event of a claim, so we advise that
the report should be kept in a safe place.
All the items have been examined with great care so that we may present an unbiased and fully researched report. We hope that
you will find this both interesting and informative.
We should like to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting us to undertake this Valuation. Should there be any areas
that need clarification, it is important that you do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to assist further.
Yours Sincerely,
Padraic Lavin
Fellow of the Gemmological Association
RJI Registered Valuer No. 9618
Member of NAJA