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Mrs. Ann Sample
123 Anywhere Street
29 May 2011
Letter of Transmittal
Dear Mrs. Sample
In accordance with your instructions we have pleasure in submitting the enclosed Valuation Schedule 89 for the purpose
of Insurance Replacement; the schedule has 5 item headings, with a total approximate replacement value of £0.00. The
approximate spot metal price at the date of this valuation has been set at: Gold £752.37 / Platinum £952.85 / Silver £12.17.
It is not usually necessary to send the entire report to your insurance company; the enclosed „Insurer
s Summary &
Notification‟ contains all the details required to prepare a policy for you. You may be asked to produce the report
in the event of a claim, therefore we recommend it is kept in a safe place away from the jewellery. We would be
happy to forward an electronic version of the report to your insurer, free of charge, on receipt of your written
instruction and permission.
The Notes to the Schedule are an explanation of the procedures employed in preparing your appraisal, its
limitations and abbreviations used form part of the valuation document. It is important that these notes are read in
conjunction with the main valuation text so that the appraisal terminology is clearly understood. Any further notes
relating to a specific item will be found either within the main description of the piece or on a separate sheet within
this report. It is important that these notes are read in conjunction with the main valuation text so that the
appraisal terminology is clearly understood.
A confidential copy of your valuation is held by us for up to six years and can be used to generate a revised and
updated appraisal at any time. There is no appraisal charge for items we have valued before; there is just a small
charge to cover the updated report.
The values applied are based upon the most appropriate markets relative to the individual items. These markets will vary
according to age, style, nature and construction of each piece. The values represent the appraiser‟s opinion of the
approximate replacement value within these stated markets and are valid only for the purpose specified.
Your particular attention is drawn to the significance of the exchange rate between sterling and the US dollar (in which
bullion, diamonds and other gemstones are traded worldwide). Fluctuations in this rate have an immediate effect on these
raw materials and for this reason we would recommend your jewellery is re-examined for appraisal on every three to four
In the event of loss/significant damage it is recommended that you request an updated price/quote to submit to your
insurer along with this schedule, which may assist with establishing proof of ownership if you need to make a claim.
All the articles described in this Schedule have been examined with great care so that we may present an unbiased and
fully researched report. Should there be any areas that need clarification, it is important that you do not hesitate to
contact us, as we will be delighted to assist your further.
Yours sincerely
Shirley D Mitchell DGA
Independent Registered Valuer